Kim Kardashian Reveals Her Baby is Breech

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Kim Kardashian took to her personal blog to give fans an update on her second child.  Kim’s pregnancy with North wasn’t exactly that Smooth. Well, guess  the second child is also bringing in a little trouble of his own. According to the reality star, their unborn child is breech and she’s been doing everything she can to get him to turn

Kim K Writes:

“I’m writing this blog while up at 4 A.M., a little anxious for my delivery as I’m entering into my 36th week of pregnancy. I’ve surrendered to the placenta issues and actually haven’t been thinking too deeply about them lately. However, my latest concern is that my baby is breech, meaning he’s in the wrong position for childbirth. His head is still up and it’s supposed to be down. He was supposed to turn by 32 weeks. So now, I will have to get a C-section. Or so I thought!
Since my baby is pretty big—over 7 pounds—maybe he’s just too big at this point but I started intensive chiropractic work with Dr. Elliot Berlin. He is ‘the’ pregnancy chiropractor! I’ve learned so much from my few sessions with him. I have been doing everything I can to try to turn the baby. I lay practically upside down three times a day for 15 minutes. I play music in the right position and ice my belly in certain spots to get him to squirm out of the breech position. I even started acupuncture where I burn moxa (mugwort) on my pinky toe every day! I am even attempting hypnosis!”
Kim notes that she is still going to attempt to naturally deliver her breech baby however, “if it’s an emergency and for the safety of my son, I will get a C-section—but if I don’t need one, I’d rather not.”

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